Cersaie 2022

New inspirations trigger an evolution in home design, implementing a tasteful, refined vision.

The timeless beauty of stone is expressed in delicate, uneven textures, emphasised by the large 120×120 cm size, for covering contemplative, tasteful spaces tailored to the needs of new lifestyles.

MASO Avorio Naturale 120×120 / 47,2”x47,2” – Avorio Naturale 60×120 / 23,6”x47,2”

GRANDIOSA Acqua Lusso 120×280 / 47,2”x110,2” –

SOBE Avorio Lusso 60×120 / 23,6”x47,2” – Decoro Teo Satin 60×120 / 23,6”x47,2”

Ivory and blue are a daring choice for interpreting onyx in a single pattern on a rich assortment of plain, mosaic and decor tiles, with exquisite metallic highlights that denote the creative flair of Vallelunga & Co. Large surfaces give fresh expression to fine materials and artistic experimentations, merging grace and lightness to convey sensations of wellbeing that delight and cosset the gaze.

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Subtle textures with a vibrant, profound spirit

Three surfaces in variegated neutral colours are brought alive by flowing patterns of overlaid pale grits that generate sophisticated shade variations. A wide range of sizes and a selection of mosaics are intended for the versatile covering of exquisitely designed interiors that provide simple habitats, steeped in natural values.


Flee into the immense, thrilling blue

Majestic as the infinite sea or sky, the new Grandiosa surfaces are the ideal backdrop for our dreams of escape, like large paintings reflecting a rediscovered identity. Exquisite patterning is shaped to spaces, to underline bespoke worktops and walls where the covering is the key to new architectural languages.


Like a splendid, gleaming inlay

Embodying the essence of onyx, enriching it with patterns and coloured inclusions to reveal its unexpected purity, is the outcome of research that aims to sublimate the natural inspiration material. So wall and floor tiles extend in a continuity of shades and vein patterns, pierced by the light to generate many-faceted effects of colour and transparency.