Craftsmanship and innovation for the new Revesta collection

A blend of past and present for coverings designed to be re-read and interpreted with imagination and creativity.

A pure ceramic body mix, display iridescent decorations inspired by graceful, delicate floral motifs, combined with the splendour of fine marble and lozenges in deep, dusty shades.

REVESTA Losanga Sage 33×100 / 13,2”x40” – Decoro Felci A+B 33×100 / 13,2”x40” – Matita Sage 1,5×33 / 0,6”x40”

NOVA Mosaico Basketweave Lusso 30×30 / 11,8”x11,8”

REVESTA Luce Oro 33×100 / 13,2”x40” – Matita Luce Oro 1,5×33 / 0,6”x13,2” – Alzata Luce Oro 25×33 / 10”x13,2”

CAVA Decoro Domum Satin 60×60 / 23,6”x23,6”

Revesta is the expression of a decorative and multifaceted soul with an eye for detail, embodied in a collection of wall coverings in the 33×100 cm size in surfaces with a satin finish that can be combined with a wide range of accessories for original compositions that represent the evolution of an all-Italian style.


A wide range of solutions to choose from that combine colour and material, reinterpreting the boiserie theme with a contemporary twist, alternating with continuous textures that gracefully cover newly designed or renovated spaces.
Excellent surfaces worked by skilled craftsmen are transformed on a large scale into patterns inspired by exquisite botanical motifs.
Intuition becomes living material that decorates becoming a furnishing element, a tribute to Italian expertise that is part of our identity and opens up to new compositional scenarios


Flair and passion illuminate the spaces of a new decor

The collection is designed to match marble, wood and concrete-effect surfaces or the sophisticated sizes and decorations of other Vallelunga & Co. collections to enrich any room with freshness and elegance. A new interior concept embraces our region’s design, heritage and outstanding craftsmanship.