Intense fragrances for glamorous spaces

A multicolour universe brings new visual and tactical sensations to our spaces

Bloom is an explosion of sinuous and incredibly textural floral and botanical motifs, a covering for designing landscapes in which to lose yourself, accompanied by enveloping multisensory notes.

BLOOM Genus Avorio 50×100 / 19,6”x39,2”

LUNI Cenere 20×120 / 7,9”x47,2”

A renewed need for contact with nature, a strong desire to travel even just with the power of the imagination: this is the inspiration for a highly decorative collection, a means of expression whose new sense of dynamism is matched by its forceful personality.


Practical ceramic meets aesthetically pleasing flower motifs inspired by handmade botanical designs and produced with exceptional attention to detail to convey the veracity and enchanting beauty of natural fragrances and colours. Artistic dexterity and high technology are combined to create a luxurious triumph of floral patterns impressed at high resolution on striking ceramic surfaces.
Eight motifs accompanied by two solid colour plain tiles decorate 50×100 cm porcelain stoneware surfaces which, 3.5 mm thick, are as thin as wallpaper yet highly resistant and versatile


Sophisticated motifs and iridescent nuances with a 3D effect

Like on a light fabric, the details of the hand-painted designs that emerge from the deeply decorated surface stand out with brilliant and matt effects, impressed at high resolution on the ceramic substrate thanks to cold digital printing technology for an extremely high quality aesthetic result

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Precious patterns inspired by the textile tradition or interpretations of classic elements are extended to large 120×280 cm porcelain stoneware slabs, 6 mm thick, with measured shades and various forms

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