The eternal charm of stone and the metropolitan appeal of concrete characterise the Concreta collections of Vallelunga & Co., born from a dialogue between different materials mixed together, from the careful balance of cool and warm tones, rough and smooth. This exchange between nature and technique is the backdrop for a study of patterns and nuances, surface processes, unusual cuts and graphics transformed into a contemporary material.

Collections under the spotlight

Foussana reproduces the extreme variability of the surface patterns of stunning Tunisian limestone in three delicate tones with polished finish, perfect for furnishing contemporary interiors with rigour and harmony.

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Pressed and fired clays, worked by expert hands, are used to create a surface notable for its graphical and tactile patterns, blends of the purest pigments, expressed through the power of the colour, the dynamism of the structures, the forms and the refined material inserts.

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Deep sensations of expressive material appeal

Stone and concrete, clay and pigments, materials freely interpreted by Vallelunga & Co. in coordinated floor and wall coverings designed to be alternated in a multitude of sizes ranging from large 90x90 and 60x120 sizes to sub-sizes and the hexagonal traditional cement tile size. A wide range of mosaics and special pieces complete each collection.

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