An extraordinary family of products where elegance meets innovation. All the graphics in this collection share a common point: the large format of 120×280, ensuring a unified and imposing space. Grandiosa comes in three captivating series:

Grandiosa Blooming: A floral spectacle comes to life on 6mm thick porcelain stoneware slabs.

Grandiosa Marmorea: Let yourself be enveloped by timeless elegance with Grandiosa Marmorea. This series offers glazed, polished, and satin-finished porcelain stoneware slabs, rectified to a thickness of 6mm.

Grandiosa Preziosa: For those seeking bold luxury, Grandiosa Preziosa is the perfect choice. This series features glazed porcelain stoneware slabs decorated with cold enameling, embellished with metallic details in gold, silver, and copper.

Grandiosa, where every detail translates into grandeur.

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Discover uncompromising luxury with Grandiosa Preziosa. This series offers glazed porcelain stoneware slabs decorated with cold enameling, enriched with metallic details in gold, silver, and copper. An elegant fusion of decorated marbles and exclusive finishes for a sophisticated and bold style.

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Explore the timeless elegance of Grandiosa Marmorea. The glazed, polished, and satin-finished porcelain stoneware slabs collected in this series bring the timeless beauty of marbles directly into your spaces, adding a touch of timeless class.

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Immerse yourself in a garden of elegance with Grandiosa Blooming. This series of porcelain stoneware slabs, adorned with delicate floral patterns, transforms spaces into areas inspired by refined wallpapers.

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Grandiosa is the vision that combines spaces and sensations.

Slim, light and durable ceramic slabs cover walls with continuous decorations for a trendy wallpaper effect. The cold digital printing technology developed by Vallelunga & Co. permits extraordinarily rich detail, in addition to three-dimensional processing that personalises each slab with exquisite shapes and materials. Versatile applications with custom-designed volumes extend the possibilities offered by Maxima slabs to interior design.

Grandiosa, the collection

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Precious patterns inspired by the textile tradition or interpretations of classic elements are extended to large 120×280 cm porcelain stoneware slabs, 6 mm thick, with measured shades and various forms

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