In Vallelunga & Co. wall tiles the ceramic material becomes a precious medium for adding touches of elegance and sophistication to your spaces. Delicate patterns are superimposed on the material to create refined compositions. Mosaics, high-tech decorations, carvings and bas-reliefs, bright colours and nuances: the ceramic surfaces of Vallelunga & Co. are a tribute to creativity

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A meticulous project designed to welcome new impromptu gestures in a dialogue between past and present. A new interior concept embraces our region’s design, heritage and outstanding craftsmanship

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Sketched floral patterns in strong and brilliant colours decorate a ceramic surface that is just 3.5 mm thick. Bloom is an explosion of energy that decorates walls with new freshness, designed to be creatively combined with the Vallelunga & Co. collections.

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Tactile appeal and vibrant forms for original coverings

A multifaceted soul and an eye for detail: this is what sets apart Vallelunga & Co.’s covering collections, the evolution of an all-Italian style. Decorative ideas that span different styles embrace a new idea of interior design where design and craftsmanship coexist in perfect symbiosis.
Delicate accents or continuous wallpaper-effect backgrounds cover all kinds of rooms, not only bathrooms and kitchens, perfectly combining with the Vallelunga & Co. floor collections.

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Intense fragrances for glamorous spaces

Bloom is an explosion of sinuous and incredibly textural floral and botanical motifs, a covering for designing landscapes in which to lose yourself, accompanied by enveloping multisensory notes.

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