The traditional material par excellence, synonymous with artisan craftsmanship, the passion of the carpenter, the hands that carefully carve shapes and decorations. Vallelunga & Co. recreates enveloping and evocative atmospheres, reproducing its vein patterns, details, knots and depth and the signs of ageing on its surfaces. Large strip tiles in different sizes exalt the natural beauty of select woods, refreshing their typical qualities with decorations, mosaics and contemporary colours

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Intense naturalness, with the charm of tradition, in a resistant and versatile porcelain stoneware wood surface. An array of different installations exalts the various vein patterns and soft colours that furnish every space with warmth and harmony.

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Delicate and powdery colours for an incredible wood-effect surface designed by Nature and shaped with masterful expertise by a designer. Contemporary style, practicality and superior quality make Luni non-deformable and stable in indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Comfort and well-being in the elegance of wood

Vallelunga & Co. transforms its wood-effect surfaces into a cutting-edge technical product suitable for every purpose. Practical, non-deformable and stable, porcelain stoneware wood is designed for versatile applications in both indoor and outdoor spaces. The varied installations and sizes enhance the distinct veins and colours of the material that serves as inspiration, filling rooms with warmth and harmony.

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