A selection of the finest marbles that prioritises delicate shades, the purity of white and the depth of intense colours, with a wide range of sizes that showcase the quality and variability of the vein patterns. Precious surfaces are criss-crossed with patterns that are never repetitive, with original mosaics and decorations that play around with forms, and with material inserts that enrich spaces with a unique style

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The finest and most precious white marble, the predilection of sculptors and artists since time immemorial, is enriched with superior technical and aesthetic qualities. Its calming lustre and compact structure are synonyms for understatement and elegance in sophisticated designer environments.

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Ever-changing amber vein patterns decorate a surface that is able to reflect the light in different ways, appearing clear or translucent or with a soft satin-finish texture. A classical feel for sophisticated environments with a timeless style.

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Sophisticated and visionary spaces with eternal style

Thanks to sophisticated technology that transforms an ancient material into a technical, high-performance porcelain stoneware surface, Vallelunga & Co. marble-effect collections brighten up rooms with impressive floor and wall applications. The refined Lusso and Satin finishes, exclusive to marble material, are enriched with fine decorative accents for beautiful contemporary spaces.

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Craftsmanship and innovation for the new Revesta collection

A pure ceramic body mix, display iridescent decorations inspired by graceful, delicate floral motifs, combined with the splendour of fine marble and lozenges in deep, dusty shades.

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