Remarkable textures that amaze in every detail

Natural textures and oversize floral decorations delicately envelop and furnish the space, combining design with great functionality.

Precious patterns inspired by the textile tradition or interpretations of classic elements are extended to large 120×280 cm porcelain stoneware slabs, 6 mm thick, with measured shades and various forms

GRANDIOSA Decoro Pan 120×280 / 47,2”x110,2”

Like on a light fabric, the details of the handpainted designs or textural intarsia that emerge from the deeply decorated surface stand out with brilliant and matt effects impressed at high resolution on the ceramic substrate for an extremely high quality aesthetic result.


Initially the intention was to create something new by reinterpreting classic motifs or motifs inspired by nature using contemporary techniques and patterns. Then, with the
introduction of cold digital printing we were able to obtain new surfaces of surprisingly sharp definition which integrated perfectly with the tile body. Patterns of forms and
materials, intense colours, precious details which, like illuminated artworks, underline the manual expertise that makes every slab unique.


Natural inspiration, undeniable charm

A poetic blend of art and vintage inspiration which amplifies the allure of these surfaces transformed into precious patterns and suitable for seamless wall coverings or custom-designed volumes.

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