The bathroom is the most intimate space in the home, a versatile location focused on the pure and primordial element of water and its many uses for cleaning and care. A place in which you can relax, enjoy your relationship with your own body, the bathroom is a multifunctional facility all of whose elements are dedicated to physical and mental wellness.

Collections under the spotlight

Sketched floral patterns in strong and brilliant colours decorate a ceramic surface that is just 3.5 mm thick. Bloom is an explosion of energy that decorates walls with new freshness, designed to be creatively combined with the Vallelunga & Co. collections.

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Luminous and deep, the marble allows itself to be criss-crossed by sophisticated grey or golden vein patterns, enriched with precious decorations and metallic inserts,

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Pressed and fired clays, worked by expert hands, are used to create a surface notable for its graphical and tactile patterns, blends of the purest pigments, expressed through the power of the colour, the dynamism of the structures, the forms and the refined material inserts.

Discover the collection Terrae

Choosing the right wall covering for your bathroom

Bathroom design has evolved from total white minimalism to a more personal expressionism, warmed by finishes, decorations and objects borrowed from the living room. Vallelunga & Co. offers a full range of surfaces and decorations for lending personality and prestige to your wellness spaces. Refined solutions focused on the charisma of natural marble and the fresh charm of botanical motifs, which can be combined with an eclectic selection of woods, all sharing a unique, distinctive concept of style.

The bathroom according to Vallelunga & Co.

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A pure ceramic body mix, display iridescent decorations inspired by graceful, delicate floral motifs, combined with the splendour of fine marble and lozenges in deep, dusty shades.

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