In the bedroom too, simple styles and relaxing atmospheres form the basis for freer – and yet carefully curated – design: comfort and functionality are still at centre stage. Wallpaper has been displaced by porcelain stoneware wall coverings with carefully crafted, brilliant finishes, applied to the entire wall for exceptional functionality and durability. As for the floor, the possibilities are unlimited, with an extremely fresh, original colour palette enabling combinations which set the tone for the entire room.

Collections under the spotlight

A meticulous project designed to welcome new impromptu gestures in a dialogue between past and present. A new interior concept embraces our region’s design, heritage and outstanding craftsmanship.

Discover the collection Revesta

Delicate and powdery colours for an incredible wood-effect surface designed by Nature and shaped with masterful expertise by a designer. Contemporary style, practicality and superior quality make Luni non-deformable and stable in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Discover the collection Luni

Sketched floral patterns in strong and brilliant colours decorate a ceramic surface that is just 3.5 mm thick. Bloom is an explosion of energy that decorates walls with new freshness, designed to be creatively combined with the Vallelunga & Co. collections.

Discover the collection Bloom

Natural inspiration for freshness and renewal

Trends in bedroom styling are encouraging renewal, especially as regards the colours of furnishings and accessories, with an ever greater cross-over between diverse materials and finishes. Vallelunga & Co. ceramic surfaces can be a ductile, eclectic way of giving new life to the floors and walls, integrated with a personalised design which is both close to nature and full of character.

The bedroom according to Vallelunga & Co.

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Craftsmanship and innovation for the new Revesta collection

A pure ceramic body mix, display iridescent decorations inspired by graceful, delicate floral motifs, combined with the splendour of fine marble and lozenges in deep, dusty shades.

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