The colours of nature, eclectic materials, re-interpreted styles, futuristic technology: the most used room in the house is becoming a focus of design, not simply to live in, but also to display. Design works hand in hand with practicality to make the modern kitchen ever easier to clean and tidy, while also creating new trends to attract the gaze and make the room the pivot around which the entire home rotates.

Collections under the spotlight

Luminous and deep, the marble allows itself to be criss-crossed by sophisticated grey or golden vein patterns, enriched with precious decorations and metallic inserts, to furnish stunningly beautiful contemporary spaces.

Discover the collection Luce

A meticulous project designed to welcome new impromptu gestures in a dialogue between past and present. A new interior concept embraces our region’s design, heritage and outstanding craftsmanship.

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Delicate and powdery colours for an incredible wood-effect surface designed by Nature and shaped with masterful expertise by a designer. Contemporary style, practicality and superior quality make Luni non-deformable and stable in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Discover the collection Luni

Refined options combining aesthetics with functionality

As well as being a functional room dedicated to serving the family, the kitchen is increasingly lived as a convivial space, taking on many features of the living room itself, while maintaining a clean, tidy and - above all - elegant look. For the backsplash zone or wall covering, one can choose from a vast range of mosaics inspired by marble, stone and wood, or backgrounds and decorations whose colours and textures lend a refined freshness to the walls, in continuity with a matching or contrasting porcelain stoneware floor.

The kitchen according to Vallelunga & Co.

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Brilliant vibrations of form and surface

The Luce collection stems from the observation and examination of the most precious Italian marbles as part of a study on beauty.

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