Hyperconnected, but also dedicated to intimacy and wellness, the home is an increasing polyfunctional space with a mix and match of styles, materials and functions – and this is especially true of the living room, if we look at the most recent trends in interior design. While recent years have been dominated by natural tones and clean, linear shapes, these are now making way for saturated, vibrant accents and decorations with a strong aesthetic impact.

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An incredible wealth of detail thanks to cold digital printing technology which gives a slight 3D feel to continuous decorations that extend like wallpaper, offering all the advantages of a light and resistant slimline ceramic slab.

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Pressed and fired clays, worked by expert hands, are used to create a surface notable for its graphical and tactile patterns, blends of the purest pigments, expressed through the power of the colour, the dynamism of the structures, the forms and the refined material inserts.

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Luminous and deep, the marble allows itself to be criss-crossed by sophisticated grey or golden vein patterns, enriched with precious decorations and metallic inserts, to furnish stunningly beautiful contemporary spaces.

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A tailormade room which represents your personal stile

Vallelunga & Co. offers a range of floor and wall coverings which form the perfect backdrop to modern furnishings with their soft fabrics, curved lines and welcoming, eco-friendly materials, while objects and accessories evoke handicrafts and nature, with the occasional nod to more vibrant colours. Marble, stone and concrete-effect surfaces act as the backdrop for polyfunctional, versatile spaces characterised by the creative combination of colours and materials.

The living according to Vallelunga & Co.

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Remarkable textures that amaze in every detail

Precious patterns inspired by the textile tradition or interpretations of classic elements are extended to large 120×280 cm porcelain stoneware slabs, 6 mm thick, with measured shades and various forms

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