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Cersaie 2022

The timeless beauty of stone is expressed in delicate, uneven textures, emphasised by the large 120×120 cm size, for covering contemplative, tasteful spaces tailored to the needs of new lifestyles.

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Craftsmanship and innovation for the new Revesta collection

A pure ceramic body mix, display iridescent decorations inspired by graceful, delicate floral motifs, combined with the splendour of fine marble and lozenges in deep, dusty shades.

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Intense fragrances for glamorous spaces

Bloom is an explosion of sinuous and incredibly textural floral and botanical motifs, a covering for designing landscapes in which to lose yourself, accompanied by enveloping multisensory notes.

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Brilliant vibrations of form and surface

The Luce collection stems from the observation and examination of the most precious Italian marbles as part of a study on beauty.

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Remarkable textures that amaze in every detail

Precious patterns inspired by the textile tradition or interpretations of classic elements are extended to large 120×280 cm porcelain stoneware slabs, 6 mm thick, with measured shades and various forms

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