Dedicated to excellence

Every story begins with a spark. The story of Vallelunga & Co. dates back over 40 years to 1976 and a creative intuition, a passion for excellence and research which saw the company focus firstly on the double-firing process and evocative decorative elements before moving onto single firing and later porcelain stoneware, a harmonious blend of technology and aesthetics. Our background and experience are our impetus for creating innovative and sophisticated products, the utmost expression of ‘Made in Italy’.


The art of details

We learn from tradition to invest in the future, drawing inspiration from deep-rooted Italian values and expertise connected with art, culture, the artisan tradition.

Born from this are contemporary collections that catch the eye for their top quality ceramics and microscopic attention to detail, to be discovered in a rich array of decors and mosaics that complement the range of different surfaces, including marble, concrete, wood, stone and tiles.

Great creative flair lies behind the nature-inspired patterns in brilliant colours, the varied geometries that become colour and material textures, the metal sheets deconstructed into precious fragments.
Like a boutique, Vallelunga & Co. selects and custom produces collections with precious and refined details to create surfaces of incredible beauty.


That which is true, remains

As expert connoisseurs we know how to preserve the past and make it contemporary, respecting the truth of the materials to refresh them aesthetically and strengthen their technical qualities.

As well as talent it takes a particular degree of sensibility to understand the evolution of contemporary living, anticipating people’s needs and offering them the things they want before they have even realised it. We have focused on the details of the surfaces to make them different from others, beautiful to admire and touch.

As such, we explore the brilliant shine of marble in the Lusso finish or the relaxed matt of products that have become part
of history with the Satin finish. Cold digital printing technology creates textural and 3D effects on patterns rich in colour and shine, the nonslip Grip structure contributes durability and highlights the diversity of stone, concrete and wood, guaranteeing remarkable smoothness.

Our harmonies, embodiments of ideas

Precious hints to light up our time and the spaces in which we live. Unique, multisensory surfaces of incredible beauty underline an informed, natural and captivating lifestyle. Technology, tradition, top quality and made-in-Italy design distinguish a range of carefully selected ceramic wall coverings with an unmistakable style.

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